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FIR Coefficient Reload Problmes

I've already posted an reply with a specific question regarding this problem into an old thread (, but I think, I should start a new thread, because these issues might not even be related.  


Here is the problem. I have an FIR filter in a Nios 2 QSYS system (created with FIR II). The streaming inputs and output are connected to FIFOs (which are written by the processor) and the filters seems to work correctly (with the preconfigured coefficients in QSYS). 

However, I want to dynamically change these values over the provided MM interface. My issue is that writing to this interface has no effect and reading deadlocks the whole system. 


Has anybody ever got this working? 

I am using Quartus version 18.0 (but I've also tried 17.0) and my target platform is a Cyclone IV (DE2-115 board).
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