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Frame buffer data location in SDRAM

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I want to ask, does someone know in which default address of SDRAM memory data from frame buffer are kept? 

Or maybe can someone tell me how frame buffer stores data in SDRAM. 


I have a system for image filtering. I take image from flash memory, then store pixel values in frame reader from which they are put in 2D FIR filter. From the filter values are put in frame buffer. 


I know that frame buffer keeps values in memory (for that I use SDRAM). 


And I want to know where exactly the filtered values are kept, so that I could read values directly from memory. 


I'm using Cyclone III starter kit, so I don't have any LCD or video system to view image, so my only choice is take values from memory. 


Can someone help me with that? 


I would really appreciate! 




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