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Generate HDL in QSYS with DSP builder block fails



I am currently trying to generate HDL in the Qaurtus Prime QSYS version I have succesfull imported the dspbuilder block by adding the path and connecting the DSP builder block in the hps_qsys system. But when I am trying the generate the HDL, the generator keeps giving me some errors which halts the process. 


The errors are: 


Error: invalid command name "quartus_synth_callback"while executing "quartus_synth_callback PfcCurReg_dut" 

Info: PfcCurReg_dut_0: "hps_qsys" instantiated PfcCurReg_dut "PfcCurReg_dut_0" 

Error: Generation stopped, 33 or more modules remaining 

Info: hps_qsys: Done "hps_qsys" with 20 modules, 3 files 

Error: qsys-generate failed with exit code 1: 2 Errors, 2 Warnings 

Info: Finished: Create HDL design files for synthesis 


Are am missing something crucial to the implemtation of the DSP builder block? 


Please advice? 


Best regards 


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