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Genlock - master source (DVI) + one framebuffered camera source

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I'm trying to build a system that can overlay a camerasignal to a DVI signal from my PC . (using Altera VIP) 


Here ist my setup so far: 


---------------------------------------------------------------------------- mixer  

----------------(A : DVI-source 1080p60) CVI -> ALFABLENDMIXER(layer0) --->|......| 

---------------------------------------------------------alpha0_source --->|......|  

---------------------------------------------------------------------------|------| ---> CVO (1080p60 same pixclk as source A) 

(B:Camera 1080p60) CVI -> CSC -> FRAMEBUFFER -> ALFABLENDMIXER(layer1) --->|......| 

---------------------------------------------------------alpha1_source --->|______| 



The output signal are not as expected: blinking.. flimmer.. blackscreen..  


My first guess is that the problem is lack of framebuffer in the sourceA-path, but its not physical possible due to memory bandwidth!!! 


When im replacing sourceA with a TestPatternGenerator i got the intended overlay functionality :). 


It should be possible to run with a DVI input with some small adjustings but here im needing help!!!????? 


How do i setup the SourceA-path to run without framebuffer?? Using genlock or simpler solution? 



I hope someone can give me some hints to reach my goal. 



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