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Get Unique MAC Address

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MAC Address is 48bit address also known as Burn-In-Address(BIA) or Hardware Address. It is fixed by manufacture. 

I am using TSE MAC IP Core , so how to get this unique MAC Address ? :confused:
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MAC addresses are assigned by the IEEE registration authority (www.standards.ieee.org).  

Usually a company buys a bunch of addresses to be used on its products or registers its OUI (Organization Unique Identifier) which is hereafter associated to the first 3 bytes of MAC address. 

If you are using a development board with network connectivity, the supplier usually provides you one of its own MAC addresses to be used on it. 

Every MAC address should be different from any other in the world. Anyway if you are only making tests, I mean you are not deploying your board to the field and use it on a private LAN, you can possibly use a random MAC address.
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Thanks Cris72 for reply. 


If i am using N/W Connectivity with My Development Board, then Altera will give me MAC Address. 

Is it Free-of-Cost ?  

If chargeable then it will be one time purchase means no need to renew regular interval of time ?