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How can i get my mac address with niosii sbt?

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I am new to nichestack tcp/ip stack and MicroC/OS-II RTOS.I am using the simple socket server(RGMII) template for my own ethernet system with the target PHY is Marvel's 88E1111 on Cyclone IV GX development board.After I create my project,I edit the bsp editor then genertate and save it(In fact i have done nothing owing to the default settings of template is ok).:confused:Then I don't know how to do next?Whether it is only need to modify the iniche_init.c file?After i refer to the Ethernet and the NicheStack TCP/IP Stack - Nios II Edition,I get the idea of initializaing the stack and using the get_mac_addr() and get_ip_addr() to get the PHY's MAC and to allocate ip address.:confused:But i am confused about where is my mac address stored and how i get it.Could someone give some tips.Thank you!!!
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