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How do I tell Signal Tap to stop acquiring data?

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Hello, I'm doing the "Getting Started" tutorial from the DSP documentation and so far that's done and it works great, but now I want to take the sine signal and display it when I press a button on the board using Signal Tap. 


I know my issue has to do with my clock sample rate so I tried that, but now I believe my problem is how do I tell Signal Tap to stop acquiring the data? 


The test time I'm running under is from 0 to 0.000004, and the Clock sample rate is 25e-9, and Real-World Clock Period: 20. The Clocked_Derived time is 1/2, I have it there because I was playing around with the sample time to see different results. 


The trigger for the button signal is at rising edge, and the others are set to don't cares.
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