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How to deal with the Rapidio signal io_s_rd_readerror?

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I'm trying to do the loop test of Rapidio. 

I genereated test data on io_s_wr_writedata, connected the td and rd signals, and I generated the io_s_rd signals in order to receive the data. 

But there is no data received on io slave receive data bus io_s_rd_readdata. 

According to simulation on ModelSim, there is a io_s_rd_readerror generating accompaning with io_s_rd_readdatavalid. 

I looked up the ug and I found the following tip:  

The io_s_rd_readerror output is asserted when a response with ERROR status is received for an NREAD request packet, when an NREAD request times out, or when the Avalon-MM address falls outside of the enabled address mapping window. As required by the Avalon-MM interface specification, a burst in which the io_s_rd_readerror signal is asserted completes despite the error signal assertion. 

I'd like to know to deal with the problem.  

I have set the Input/Output Slave Mapping Window n mask register and Input/Output Slave Mapping Window n Control register. 

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