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DHCP times out in ethernet example

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I try to run the example "Nios II Ethernet Simple Socket Server 

on MAX 10 FPGA Development Kit". However, instead of 


"Acquired IP address via DHCP client for interface: et1¨  


in step 7 of the manual I get after some time  


"DHCP timed out, going back to default IP address(es)" 


How can I  


1) make DHCP not time out, or 

2) discover what the "default IP address" is? 


Thanks in advance for answering.
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As a first step, use an Ethernet analysis tool to verify your packets are correct. Wireshark is good. I like to use it in a bridge configuration between the device and the network. See the Wireshark documentation for details on how to set up a bridge.

Honored Contributor II

Thanks for your help. I finally solved the problem as follows: 


- Disabling DHCP in the BSP 

- Giving the PC a fixed IP address 


I do not know why this works, although I can imagine that 

things get less complicated due to these measures. At least now 

it is fun to follow the simple communication with Wireshark.