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How to encrypt my own IP block

I have tried to look for this info but unsuccessfully so far.. I wonder if someone can help: 


I want to create an IP block to a client that will be instantiated via sopc builder but I wouldn't want them the access to the source code. Is it possible to encrypt the contents in a similar manner as most all Altera IP is ? 


Even obfuscating would help but I'm not sure how to best go about that.
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try .qxp with a clear text instantiation wrapper which becomes the top level of the custom component for synthesis, and simgen to create a simulation netlist (.vo/.vho). you'll lose parameterization, but it should work otherwise (i haven't fully tested it, the method may need some tweaking): 


using .qxp: 


using simgen: 



alternatively, you may try requesting the encryption tools from Altera through an SR
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