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IP Ethernet 10 Gbps and HSMC

Hi everybody,  


I have some problems with the IP Ethernet 10 Gbps and the High Speed Mezzanine Connectors. 


Configuration : 


FPGA Arria GX ======> PC with HSMC card with Eth 10 Gbps HSMC (Windows recognize it like a Ethernet card) But I don't see anything in Wireshark. 


I think the code is ok (works in simulation, IP Ethernet settings is ok, ...) but I don't really understand how to connect the pins, so the problem must be here (I also move SW2 to switch JTAG/HSMC mode). 

According to the Arria GX Development Board, they are these pins : 


- Transceiver transmit channels : HSMA_TX_P(3:0) HSMA_TX_N(3:0) - Transceiver receive channels : HSMA_RX_P(3:0) HSMA_RX_N(3:0) - Data bus : HSMA_D(3:0) HSMA_TX_D_P(16:0) HSMA_TX_D_N(16:0) HSMA_RX_D_P(16:0) HSMA_RX_D_N(16:0) - Clock output 0 : HSMA_CLKOUT0 - Clock output 1 : HSMA_CLKOUT_P1 HSMA_CLKOUT_N1 - Clock output 2 : HSMA_CLKOUT_P2 HSMA_CLKOUT_N2 - Clock input 0 : HSMA_CLKIN0 - Clock input 1 : HSMA_CLKIN_P1 HSMA_CLKIN_N1 - Clock input 2 : HSMA_CLKIN_P2 HSMA_CLKIN_N2 I tried to connect : 


- HSMA_TX_P and HSMA_TX_N to xaui_tx_data[3..0] (PCML) 

- HSMA_RX_P and HSMA_RX_N to xaui_rx_data[3..0] (PCML) 

- Input clocks to ouput clocks (LVDS) 


but doesn't work... 


How can I connect the IP to HSMC ? 

What is these 17 bits data bus signals ? 


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