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Instantiate PCIe PIPE PHY in Stratix IV GX?

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I'm trying to instantiate just the PCIe PIPE PHY in a Stratix IV GX part, for use with a non-Altera soft IP core. The mega-wizard utility seems to let me use the PCI Express Compiler to instantiate a whole hard/soft Altera PCIe controller, but I only want to instantiate the PHY part. That option is greyed out in the mega-wizard though. Is that a separate feature that needs to be licensed or something? The documentation does not make this clear.

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For Stratix IV GX you need to use ALTGX to get just the PCIe PHY. The PCIe PIPE PHY is just for Stratix V and later families.  


Start the MegaWizard Plug-In manager and make sure the device family is set to Stratix IV. Then select ALTGX from the Installed Plug-Ins in the I/O folder.  


Once the ALTGX wizard opens, select PCI Express (PIPE) in the "Which protocol will you be using?" drop sown menu.
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Ah, thank you.


Hi. I've instantiated a PCIe PIPE in Stratix V. Its PLL is locked and its tx_ready and rx_ready signals are also 1. Meaning that the phy is ready to work. However, when I initiate a RX Termination Detection to the PHY, it returns 3'b000 with pipe_phystatus = 1'b1 meaning that no receiver is present. Although I attach a device to it. So, what should I do? Thank you in advance.