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Is the Standard Blockset outdated?

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Hi there! 

To get started with FPGA development I just read through the DSP Builder handbook PDFs. In there it said that the Standard Blockset shouldn't be used anymore: 



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The DSP Builder standard blockset is a legacy product and Altera recommends you do not use it for new designs, except as a wrapper for advanced blockset designs.  

--- Quote End ---  



Is that correct? May the standard blockset be gone in the next DSP Builder release? 

Also: what about the features that can't be achieved with the Advanced Blockset, e.g. integrating manually written HDL code into my simulink model? (the Standard Blockset has a block for this purpose) 


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Altera doesn't recommend Standard Blockset for new designs but has not announced that it will be removed. It won't be removed without prior notice so you can definitely expect it to be around in the next release. 


As you say, there are features in Standard that aren't in Advanced. If you see no way to design without these then you will have to use Standard blockset, but it's recommended that the parts of your design that can use Advanced blockset should do. At some point I would expect some of those features to migrate to Advanced blockset.
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