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JTAG to Avalon Master Bridge: PLI-Mode simulation with Modelsim and System-Console

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Dear Forum, 


I've set up a testbench / simulation model in QSYS of a small system consisting only of a "Clock Source" and a "JTAG to Avalon Master Bridge" named j2a. The generated testbench added the appropriate BFMs to all Interfaces except for JTAG. j2a is configured to run in PLI-simulation mode. 


When I run modelsim, everything compiles fine. After that modelsim prints at the console, that it is waiting for a PLI client at / Port 50000. 




How can I setup such a client? 

I guess the system console should do the trick, how can I setup the system console to connect to modelsim? 


Your help is much appreciated! 


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