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Licensing of megafunctions

How are the megafunctions such as altpll or altpll_reconfig or even an lpm_abs licensed.  


I have been assuming that I do not need to obtain an explicit license for megafunctions which I can compile with out problem and which do not produce time limited files. 


But I decided to check this assumption and cannot find an authoritative answer. The Altera MegaCore Function License Agreement does not list individual files an therefore does not appear to differentiate between a nios II or a latch megafunction. It does state “YOU shall pay the license fee for the MegaCore Function that has been specified by ALTERA, if applicable” but how can I know if a fee is applicable or not?
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if you compile and there aren't any messages about OpenCore Plus evaluation or time limited .sof generation, this is a good indication you're not using any pay-for IP 


you can take a look at $QUARTUS_ROOTDIR/bin/cpt_ip_product_map.txt (on Windows, i think its in /linux on Linux) to see a map of Altera's licensed cores