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Max10 UFM Simulation Error 0197 on Write Operation

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I am testing out the Max10 User Flash Memory IP (on-chip flash block) but have run into an issue. 


So far I have been able to perform multiple reads and a single write. 


When I try to perform more than 1 write in a single simulation, the simulator gives me this message: 


"ERROR[0197]: DIN should keep the same for the extra program pulse during smart program or after a successful smart program sequence" 


I don't know what this error message is trying to tell me. 


some more info: 

I am performing 32-bit parallel reads and writes (burst_count=1). 

The status register reads "ffffff8e" during the error-prone write. 

My inputs to the IP do not change during a write operation. 

I have tried waiting up to 1ms between writes, no change. 



I mainly want to know why/how this error occurs. 

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I have run into the same problem. Did you find the reason why this error occurs? 


I have simulated and written several words but suddenly this errors pop up.
Honored Contributor II

I found a fault in my state machine so that the data were written to old already written addresses. After correction of the state maschine the error was gone. 

So now it works in the simulation anyway...