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Merlin_Slave_Translator error with on-chip FIFO

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Hi, All, 


I'm trying to use the On-Chip FIFO Core that comes with Qsys, 

with a costume module that I've built.  

My module has an Avalon-MM Master port, and I'm connecting it 

the the In port of the FIFO. (Single clock, 32 bit wide, no status interface). 


When generating, I'm getting an error about the Altera_Merlin_Slave_Translator prefix:  


"Part select direction is opposite from prefix". 


I checked my Master port, and it's configured roughly like that: 


avm_writedata: out std_logic_vector(31 downto 0) 

avm_write: out std_logic 


I'm stumped...any ideas? 


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