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Need video and image processing megacores

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I am working on cyclone II board. I have Quartus II, Nios and dsp builder v6.0. 

I Need video and image processing megacores i.e Frame reader and frame buffer in my design, while on Quartus II subscription edition. 

Can I come to know, whether is there any way to use these magacores along with Quartus II v6.0 ????? 


Your help will be appreciated? 

Thank You
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Any reason why you're using Q6 and not 10.1?

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Thanks Tricky for your reply! 


I have received the cyclone II kit in 2010 march. 

Actually I have received video and image processing reference design along with the cyclone II kit AN:427 (Altera had made this in 2006). 

I import NTSC and vga components (vhdl files) in SOPC Q10.0 further I use deinterlacer, chroma resampler, color space converter and scaler Megacores Q10.0 (as vip reference design 2006). 

But there were two types of component appear in SOPC builder ie classic components (ntsc and vga) and Q10.0 components (deint, crs, csc and scaler). 

there is no connection option between these two type of components (classic and Q10.0 components). 


this is why I have decided to use Q6.