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OPen mdl file failed(Dspbuilder9.1+MATLAB2008B)

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open the demos from dspbuilder installation.


dspbuilder 9.0 with MATLAB2008B no problem

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Your character encoding is set to GBK which is a chinese code page. 


If you do what the error message suggests and type: 


bdclose all; set_param(0,'CharacterEncoding', 'windows-1252') 


you should be able to load the design. It seems in DSPB 9.1, the documentation for the Multipliy Add block was changed to use a special character that looks like a + on top of a - sign. This character unfortunately is not in the GBK codepage. 


You can patch your DSPB installation by just loading the allblocks_altera_dspbuilder2.mdl file (using the MATLAB edit command), press CTRL+G and type in line 3729. Then move across to column to 321 (or thereabouts - the error message doesn't seem that accurate) and just delete (or replace with +/-) the special characters in  


y = a0xb0 ± a1xb1 [+ a2xb2 [± a3xb3]]] 


Then resave the file. Restart MATLAB to reset your character encoding and try again.
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Thank you . I will try. And I hope that Altera could fix this problem in future release.