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PCIe Performance Increase with Cyclone V GT vs Cyclone V GX



I would like to know what kind of performance increase I could expect moving from Cyclone V GX device using PCIe Gen1 x1 to a Cyclone V GT device using Gen2 x1? Similarly, what would the performance increase be if I moved from PCIe Gen1 x1 to Gen2 x2?

I am aware that theoretically the speed capabilities of the Gen2 device are twice that of the Gen1 device (and x2 to x1 link), but the Cyclone Vs have restricted Rx buffer credit capabilities (limited to "Balanced" in the PCIe Avalon-MM hard IP).

Currently I am only able to achieve 168MB/s read speed on the Cyclone V GX (far lower than the theoretical maximum of 250MB/s). Would I at least be able to achieve double this speed with PCIe Gen 2 in Cyclone V device? Would I be able to achieve four times that data rate using a Cyclone V GT with a PCIe Gen2 x2 link?

Thank you in advance for you assistance.

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Hi ,

 I checked the characterization report, in that the speed which is mentioned in the data sheet/setting is achieved.