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PCIe simulation error: TxElecIdle not asserted

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While simulating PCIe IP core using ModelSim with the testbench generated along with the IP core generation, Iam getting the following error message. 


ERROR: 57 ns TxElecIdle not asserted while reset asserted, Lane: 0, MAC: RP 


In the waveform obtained, it is found that at any time, either of three resets to the PCIe ip core (crst, npor, srst ) is active high, so that the design is not coming out of reset state and hence txelecidle0_ext is always active high and forces transmit output to electrical idle. Though I tried with another device and by changing parameters for PCIe generation, the result was same.  


Expecting your valuable suggestions to overcome this error. 


Thanks & Regards, 

Gibin George
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Hi Gibin, 


Please try changing simulation parameters of the generated testbench. 

Check if you are using PIPE/serial PHY interface and set parameters accordingly. 

May be this will be helpful.