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PCIe x8 Gen2 for Stratix IV (usng QSys)

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People who have done designs in QSys for Stratix IV would have seen that QSys doesnt support x8 Gen2. It only supports either x8 Gen1 or x4 Gen2. I have my design running currently at x4 gen2, but I would like to get it running at x8 Gen2. If I dont use QSys I might be able to get it to running, but there are certain components I need to either add manually or do myself (avalon mm bridge and all the CRA registers etc.). I am not sure which is the easiest way to do it. has anyone done this? Thanks!

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Hi eldos, 


We have developed a PCIe SGDMA solution supporting any PCIe configuration with support for Qsys. We offer drivers for Linux, Windows, QNX, Apple, etc  

For more information see our website; www<dot>lancero<dot>eu<dot>com 


Best Regards, 




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Thanks Marco, We are currently using Jungo drivers with QSys provided interface (Gen2 x4) with our own DMAs. I checked your website. For me, at this stage of development, it may not be an option to get service from an external company. I will have to do this myself. But I will keep in mind about this if something comes up in future.