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Partial Reconfiguration Static MSF and .persona files

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I was wondering if you know of documentation of how the *static.msf and *.persona files are used for partial reconfiguration. I know the logic lock *.msf files are used to generate the pmsf file to generate rbf files, but I don't understand what static.msf files and *.persona files are used for, especially why we need to add a *.persona path as INPUT_PERSONA when we are trying to do PR by quartus shell script. 


So far I've only been working with this example: http://www.alterawiki.com/wiki/stratix_v_partial_reconfiguration 


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To generate your PR.rbf you need only the .msf and .sof. The .pmsf is an intermediate File. 

For scripted generation of PR revisions use the "partial_reconfiguration" tcl package. 


"create_pr_revision -based_on ${base_revision} -reconfigurable ${revision}"