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Problems reading from Ethernet MAC via Avalon MM bridge to streaming PCIe

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We are using an Arria 10 with the Low Latency 10G Ethernet MAC IP and are attempting to write and read its control registers using PCIe with a native Avalon streaming interface connected to an Avalon MM bridge. Writes are working consistently but reads are not; most of our reads do not return the correct value. Any help debugging this would be appreciated- thank you.

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HI Frank, Have you reviewed your design to ensure there is no timing violation in Quartus timequest analysis that may affect the data transfer ? After you confirmed your design timing is clean, then you can further isolate whether the issue is with Ethernet MAC or PCIe by using other method to read back Ethernet MAC register value like JTAG master or RTL state machine access or NIOS access. Thanks. Regards, dlim
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