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Qsys FIR filter did not work in testbench

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Hi, I designed a FIR filter by using QSYS. Its coefficients are imported from a txt file which is created by MATLAB. Everything was fine, because there were some videos on Youtube until this stage. However, after this stage I could not find any resources about how to make the filter work. In test bench, by using TextIO, the system gets input from a text file which is also created in MATLAB, and filters the input signals (it is expected but does not work) and gives output to another txt file. TextIO part works properly, I know it. When I get input from text file and give directly this input as output, I can see the same signals in both input and output txt files. However, when I take my output from output of the filter, the output is always "000000000000". Then, I (added fir_compiler_ii_0_avalon_streaming_source_valid) and (fir_compiler_ii_0_avalon_streaming_sink_ready) to my output and it became "00000000000001". That is to say, added fir_compiler_ii_0_avalon_streaming_source_valid is always 0, and 

fir_compiler_ii_0_avalon_streaming_sink_ready is always 1. I think I could not make the filter work. Can someone help me about it? Can someone tell me what working alghoritm of the FIR filter is ?
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