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Quartus II Internal Error with ALTREMOTE_UPDATE w/ VIP

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Adding ALTREMOTE_UPDATE core to one of our larger design on a Arria II device causes an internal the error “internal error: sub-system: vpr20kmain, file: /quartus/fitter/vpr20k/altera_arch_common/altera_arch_beneficial_skew_manager.c, line: 4269”. 



To cover in more detail what we are doing: 


We have a large design, most of which leverages the VIP suite. This design works well without the ALTREMOTE_UPDATE core. However, when we insert the ALTREMOTE_UPDATE core, we get the Internal Error shown above. 


We are interfacing the ALTREMOTE_UPDATE core to a Nios processor using an Avalon Bus wrapper in the SOPC builder. 


The core was created through the megawizard and prototyped in similar design on identical hardware, but without VIP cores. 


We've tried deleting the database and rebuilding to no avail.  


Does anyone know if there are interoperability issues with ALTREMOTE_UPDATE and the VIP suite? 


Can this error lead us to any fixes – any setting we are missing, constraints, or edit of one of the ini or config files.?
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