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Question about resource usage with FIR II IP Core

I've been asked to compare time domain vs. frequency domain processing for a particular algorithm in terms of FPGA resource usage.  

Essentially, I'm looking at logic resource usage to implement an FFT followed by a multiply followed by an inverse FFT compared to a convolution with n-weights in the time domain (or basically an FIR with n coefficients). 

I'm pretty clear on usage going the FFT route but I'm not so clear on how to interpret the resource usage table in the FIR II IP Core user guide. 

I expect to see information in the table that would help me estimate the FPGA resource usage for an FIR implementation with n-coefficients. 

Could someone explain the resource usage table? In particular, the parameters section. What do the Channel, Wires, and Coefficients columns represent? 


FIR II IP User Guide here:  



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