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RAM IP choosing and configuring advice

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I want to store the pixel data of a 8-bit bmp image in the RAM of the DE1 board. I then need to store a total of 640*480*8 bits into this ram. 

Also I should have two different clock with their relative enable wire (R/W). So I looked at the RAM megafunction IP and their user guides but as I never implement RAM before, I am a bit confused about which memory mode I should use. 


It seems that a Simple Dual-Port RAM will be good. Then while using the MegaWizard of Quartus II, I have another problem: I want to read and write (not simultanuously) 8-bit block (one pixel information) each time but the maximum memory word available is 65536, which is not enough to store the whole picture. 


So what should be the best solution? Using a wider bit bus for the I/O of the memory or truncating the image and storing each part in different memory block? 

Also is my choice of memory mode the best for my application? 



If you have any advice that can help me, I will be glad to read them. 



Thanks, Meach
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