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Remote Update Intel FPGA IP Intel Cyclone V SoC (5CSEBA4) with Micron Serial NOR Flash Memory (MT25QL256)




I am looking for technical support using the “Remote Update Intel FPGA IP” in an Intel Cyclone V SoC device.


This hardware is used:

  • Intel Cyclone V SoC (5CSEBA4)
  • Micron Serial NOR Flash Memory (MT25QL256)


This software is used:

  • Quartus Prime Version 18.1.0 Build 625 09/12/2018


I am not able to write to the serial flash device using the “Remote Update IP” selecting MT25QL256 as configuration device in the IP generator GUI drop box.


Up to End-Of-Line of device “Micron Serial NOR Flash Memory (N25Q256)“ I used the “Remote Update IP” selecting EPCQ256 as configuration device and writing data to flash was no problem.


Flashing the device using JTAG was no problem in both cases. Using both devices in “Active Serial Configuration” during startup routine was no problem too.


Now my questions are:

  • Are there any issues within the IP writing down configuration data to the MT25QL256 serial flash?
  • Are there any other steps or software configurations I must do in Quartus Prime IDE?


Thanks for your support!


David Klein


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