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Remote update Flash compatibility: Numonyx M25P40?

We've designed and are producing / selling a number of Cyclone IV-based designs. We've chosen the Numonyx M25P40 flash chip. Now we want to integrate the “ASMI Parallel IP core” to access FLASH registers and “Remote Update IP core” to perform the in-system programmability feature. Intel IP documents state these IP can be used if the Intel flash device (EPCS4) is used. We'd like to know if the two Intel IP mentioned are anticipated to work with the Numonyx M25P40 flash chip. Upon research, we have found out that the instruction set (to perform FLASH operations) are almost the same for EPCS4 and M25P40, at least for the current needed functionalities of sector and bulk erase, read and write features. Link to the documents:

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