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Requesting help in the proper installation and use of a user-defined VHDL package to be shared by multiple user IP instances in Platform Designer


What is the proper deployment of a VHDL package to be shared by multiple instances in Platform Designer?

How to make the package available (with the "library" and "use" directives and proper path names) inside of the VHDL files that use the package? 

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Hi, For the first question, I found that Platform Designer does not support VHDL package. As a workaround you can add the VHDL package as part of your fileset and you can simply copy your file over to the generation directory. The command usage would be something similar to this: add_fileset_file <output_filepath> OTHER PATH <input_filepath> This way your custom component can directly access the VHDL package and Platform Designer will act as a passthrough for those files. For the second question, i found that the package can be available inside of the VHDL files by using "work" library . This is the pointer to the working directory. The command as below: LIBRARY work; USE work.your_package_name.all; Thanks.

Hi Mei,


Thanks for your answer.

I have actually added the VHDL package file to the file list in Platform Designer's Component Editor.


I have inserted the "library" and "use" directives in the VHDL file using the package as you suggested, pre-pended by "work.".

This is working out for me.