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SDI II receiver implementation problem

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Hello and good year, 


I would like to implement a SDI II (v14.0) receiver on my cyclone V (5CSXFC5C6U23I7), but when i compile I got this error : 


Error: The pin driving the input 'DATAIN' of node 'SDI2_receiver:SDI_receiv_inst|SDI2_receiver_0002:sdi2_receiver_inst|altera_xcvr_native_av:u_phy|av_xcvr_native:gen_native_inst.av_xcvr_native_insts[0].gen_bonded_group_native.av_xcvr_native_inst|av_pma:inst_av_pma|av_rx_pma:av_rx_pma|rx_pmas[0].rx_pma.rx_pma_buf' must have a fanout of 1. 

Info: No legal values found 


I suspect a bad pin assignment for the SDI Rx input but I don't know why. I implement a SDI Transmitter the same way but it work well. 

Do you have any ideas to solve my problem ? 


Thanks a lot !
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Have you imported pin assignment from other project?I am seeing few unwanted signal in pin planner. 

Try by removing unwanted assignment or by manual assign and check.  


I have tried to compile project it was successful.(with fitter default pin assignments). 


Best Regards, 

Anand Raj Shankar 

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Thanks for your reply, the problem was that I connected Signal Tap directly to SDI_RX...