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Sample rate problem with Output Block of DSP Builder

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I have a sample rate problem with the Input or Output Block (sInOut S-function block) when I try to simulate my model in Matlab. 


After this kind of block, it is always convert the sample rate of my signal to 1 second.  


Here an example of my problem : 


Here a part of my model, a put two scope : scope2 with an audio signal and scope1 with the signal after the Output Block. 



An image of the Scope 2 with the Audio signal : 




An image of the Scope 1 whith the signal after the Output Block. 



As you can see, the sample rate was shrink to 1 second so I miss all the details of my signal.  


How can I fix it ? 


Thanks a lot for your help, I've working for hours on this problem.  


I send you my entire project attached to this post. 


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