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Stratix IV remote system upgrade in PS scheme

I have a system that consist of Stratix IV, MAX II and flash. 

The MAX II device includes PFL that reads data from flash and configures FPGA. 


I want to use ALTREMOTE_UPDATE megafunction to initiate configuration process. 

There are some facts that says that it is possible, and some that it is impossible: 



In ALTREMOTE_UPDATE user guide they says that "MAX II device and flash memory uses FPP, PS schemes to configure Stratix IV" 

Also there is a "Remote system configuration schemes" table that have Stratix IV raw. This raw says that in Stratix IV FPP and PS remote configuration schemes are supported. 



In the user guide is written that Stratix III (and i suppose that Stratix IV) use only AS mode for remote configuration. 

Also Stratix IV handbook consider AS mode remote configuration only. 

Also ALTREMOTE megafunction instantiation for Stratix IV haven't pgmout ports required for PS remote configuration. 


Is it possible to use remote configuration in such system? (Stratix IV, MAX II and flash)
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