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TSE and Simple Socket Server - lost packets

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Hello Altera Forums, 


After much struggle, I have managed to get the simple socket server running on my Arria V starter kit.  


I'm still having some problems: 

  • I can connect to the DCHP sometimes, but not consistently.  

  • I can ping, but I get a high packet loss:  


--- xxx.xxx.60.71 ping statistics --- 100 packets transmitted, 25 received, 75% packet loss, time 98999ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 0.381/0.452/0.880/0.099 ms  

  • I can telnet to the server, but it's very slow.  



I assume these are all symptoms of the same problem: Either packets aren't making it to the device, or aren't leaving the device. 


I've done some testing with signaltap.  

Near as I can tell, everytime I send a ping, it shows up in signal tap on the RX, but not on the TX.  


So it seems that packets aren't being sent by the device. 


I'm not sure how to debug further.  


Attached is my sdc file
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When you say it shows on the RX on signal tap, are you talking about the PHY side, or the avalon stream interface to the DMA?

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I'm not sure (I'm still quite new to this) 


For the RX, I'm listening to this node: 



The mac address of the computer I'm sending the ping from shows up there. 


For RX, I'm listening to  



The mac address shows up here too, but not every time I send a ping
Honored Contributor II

I have fixed this issue. I had been using the schematic design method for writing the program. I switched to using verilog HDL without the block diagram file, and now I can ping the board with no packet loss as well as telnet in.