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Triple Speed Ethernet - Send to PC?

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Hello all. 


I need help on further testing with the 'Using Triple Speed Ethernet on DE2-115 Boards' tutorial. 

(which is the one on the link below) 



Right now, I am trying to send data to PC (a laptop) by connecting ethernet cable between Ethernet Port 1 of DE2-115 Board and PC's LAN port. I've done everything as the same as the tutorial, and from what I understand, data will be sent from Ethernet1 port of the board to PC, where I will use Wireshark to see the incoming packets. 


However, I don't see anything coming in to PC (looking at Wireshark) when I send packets. Except the periodic standard queries and initialization. I input strings in Altera Monitor Program, press enter to send, but nothing coming in. 



So the question here is... 

if I follow the 'Using Triple Speed Ethernet on DE2-115 Boards' tutorial, 

connect Ethernet1 port of DE2-115 board with PC's LAN port, 

send data (using Altera Monitor Program) through LAN Cable, 


packets should be received normally on PC, right? 

Or are there TSE register configurations I must do to make packets be acknowledged by PC? 

Has anyone done similar project? What do I need to do? 


Thanks in advance. 




EDIT : Fixed. It was a problem with my PC hardware, not the TSE settings problem.
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