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Using ALTLVDS TX with changeable datarate

Hi all, 


I have a request where I need to drive two different LVDS 7:1 displays (different resolutions/frequencies/data rates) over the same LVDS interface using the same FPGA design.  

Which display is used is SW programmable. 


Can I use altlvds_tx with internal PLL, generated with the datarate settings for the faster display, and hope that the slower will work too since they both use serialization factor 7?  

Or do I have to use external PLL and then reprogram it with new settings depending on which display is used?  

Or is there a way to reprogram ALTLVDS_TX with the new datarate?  


Thank you.
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Re: Using ALTLVDS TX with changeable datarate

Hi ana, can you help me am a beginner I need direction to become a sound programmer

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