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Using Video IP with time limited sof


I am working on a project to develop an embedded system based on the Cyclone V 5CSXFC6D6F31C8 FPGA.  I am using 18.1.1 Build 646 04/11/2019 SJ Standard Edition.  The system design requires two LCD displays.  In Platform Designer I implement two each of the following Intel IP cores:  The Frame Buffer II IP core and the Clocked Video Output II IP Core.

 I previously had a temporary license for the VIP package and produced an rbf.  The license has expired so now I am trying to use the time limited sof to continue  my development.  I have figured out that the sof only activates the IP for the first LCD.  My issue is that the X terminal does not display on the LCD.  I captured logs from the rbf version and the sof version to troubleshoot the issue.  I compared the sof versions of the logs against the rbf versions.  The only significant difference I found is in the lightdm.logs.  In the sof version, the seat greeter session is not created.  I do not see any indication of why the session is not created.  I provide the following logs for reference:

The boot message logs: Rbf_LXDE4GB_Boot.log and Sof_LXDE4GB-2_boot.log

The Xorg logs: Rbf_Xorg.0.log and SOF_Xorg.0.log

The lightdm logs: Rbf_lightdm.log and Sof_lightdm.log

The x-0 logs: Rbf_Xorg.0.log and Sof_x-0.log

The process lists: ps_rbf00.log and ps_sof00.log

Please let me know how I can activate the X terminal for LCD 1.


Ben Martinez

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