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Using a external PHY - Micrel KSZ8051RNL

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Im having same issues in using a external phy  

Actually, I have four external phys connected to a Arria kit via a HSMC board.  

When I try to use simple socket server with one of these phys, I have this type of messages in Nios II console: 


Warning: Unknown PHY found at PHY adress 0x00 of MAC Group[0] 

Please add PHY information to PHY profile (done) 

Auto-Negotiation Failed 

Mapping of PHY to MAC failed! Make sure the PHY address is defined correctly in tse_mac_device[] structure, and number of PHYs connected is equivalent to number of channel.  



My project has a board_update_portal (Arria II GX kit) that implements a simple socket server in MII mode. These phys use RMII mode, so Im trying a MII2RMII.vhdl code found here in the forum. (Because, TSE MAC do not work with RMII) :( 


In this case, I dont know if I have problems with the signal in the conversion between modes, or if I have a issue with TSE MAC configuration. 


I appreciate any help, 


Thanks in advance,
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