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VIP 9.1SP2 Clipper Misbehaviour?

Hi All, 


I am having a bit of trouble with the clipper.  


Where does it get the output packet format from? 

The registers? The input packet format? I have sensible register values loaded, sensible data going in, but the output packet size in the header seems bogus, and I don't know why. 


My system: 


CTI -> CRS -> CSC -> CLIP -> SCL -> FB -> CTO 


I have HD video (1080i/59.94) coming into the CTI, parallel Y/C @ 74.xxMHz, 16 bit wide. 


CTI is locked, and reporting sensible values for pixel count etc. 

I have programmed the clipper to clip to the region (1,1) -> (0x700, 0x210). 


In the sim, I see sensible packets going into the clipper (looking at the 0x0F type packet header, I get 0x00000F, 0x080700, 0x020000, 0x0A0C01, so that's 0x780/1920 wide, 0x21C/540 high, interlaced). 


At the output of the clipper, I get two "packet format" packets, the first is a duplicate of the input (0x00000F, 0x080700, 0x020000, 0x0A0C01) and the second is different (0x00000F, 0x070000, 0x00000F, 0x0A0B00, i.e. 0x7F wide, 0x0B high?).  


My registers into the clipper are  

2 <= 0x00000001 

3 <= 0x00000700 

4 <= 0x00000001 

5 <= 0x00000210 


I have no idea where the clipper is getting the output packet size fields from. This is in simulation, it goes without saying that it isn't working properly in silicon either. 


Any hints? Any body had similar experiences? 


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After some more poking around on the bench ... in the SOPC GUI, the "rectangle" and "offset" option was incorrect. All OK now.