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VIP clipper and scaler II

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Hi all, 


I have design a video data path through clipper and scaler II: 


CVI 1080P-> clipper -> scaler II 1080P -> CVO 1080P 


the output resolution of the scaler II is set to 1920x1080. 

the data path is working when the output of the clipper is Hx1080, the range of H is from 10 to 1920. 

but once I change the the vertical pixel number, there is no output from the CVO. 


I have read some posts here, one mentioned that I should add a frame buffer between the clipper and the scaler II. But in the design example an427 from altera, there is no buffer between the clipper and scaler II. I doubt that it is necessary to add a frame buffer. 


the clocked video clock is 74.25 MHz and the avalon ST clock is 148.5 MHz 


Thanks for your assistance! 


Best Regards, 

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Add a frame buffer after the scalar, and overlay the output on a background.