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What VIP IP does 2 color plane to 3 plane mapping? Chroma Reamplier and CVO



I am using the Intel FPGA SDI-II core to interface with a MIPI-TX IP from an Intel FPGA partner in the following format:


SDI-II-RX                     ---------------->   MIPI-TX

[8 bit per color, 2 color plans: 4:2:2]              [8 bit per color, 2 color plans: 4:2:2]

Y0  Y1                                      Y0  Y1

Cb0 Cr0                                      Cb0 Cr0


I would like to do Chroma Resampling [4:2:0] before sending the Video data to the MIPI-TX IP


SDI-II-RX----------->   Chroma Resampler --------------->  MIPI-TX

[8 bit per color, 2 color planes: 4:2:2]              [8 bit per color, 2 color to 3 color planes: 4:2:0]       [8 bit per color, 4:2:0]

Y0  Y1                                       Y0  Y1                 Y1   Y3

Cb0 Cr0                                   Cb0 Cr0              Y0   Y2

                                                                                Cb0 Cr0



Do you have any IP available that will do that in Platform Designer?

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Just would like to check with you if you have filed a IPS case on this? If yes, for your information, I have responded in the IPS and we shall continue to follow up with you in the IPS case.


Thank you.​