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What does the C4 GX reconfig block do ?

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Ans how do I know it's working ? I just implemented a design using 

the 1000base-X/PCS/PMA module only and it works without the  

reconfig block, although unreliably. I added a reconfig block, using Mega Wizard, and it won't work at all.  


So what's the determing factor for using the reconfig block & how do I 

verify it's doing what it should ?
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A bit offtopic: maybe You've implemented Ethernet for SFP module? 


Reconfig block should reconfig the PLL values and the transceiver itself. E.g. Your link changes speed from 1GbE to 100Mbps.
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No, I enabled the sgmii bridge so it's not 1000base-X. Reconfig does not 

change the link speed from 125Mhz( Gb) to 25Mhz( 100Mb ). In sgmii 

mode, the IP core stays at 125Mhz output clock but with gating signals 

if the link is 100Mb or 10Mb.  


Reconfig should be adjusting the analog settings although there's no 

info on what it's doing.