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alt_mem_phy DDR2 controller INIT_done going LOW.

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Hi all. 

Need help. I have a problem with DDR2. 


I'm using DDR2 HPC1 memctrl with alt_mem_phy IP and EPCGX110DF31I7. Addressing 2 parallel MT47H128M16HG-3IT:A (FBGA-84) "MICRON (totaling to 32-bit data bus width, 1 nCS). 

I using Quartus 11.1 sp2.  

pll_ref_clk=40 MHz. 

phy_clk = 140 MHz. 

controller data rate= Half. 

Enable user Auto-refresh control =on. 

Native interface. 

Problem with replication of nCS, CKE, ODT – solved. 


I done tcl file and add ddr sdc file. Onchip series termination on (50 Ohm without calibration). 


Devices always starting and working normal, but in a one moment local_init_done going LOW and after not going HIGH never. Only after global reset alt_mem_phy DDR2 controller release local_init_done ('1'). 

Device can working all day, but can work only few minutes. This behavior repeat on all devices. 


Why local_init_done may be falling? Files of DDR2 controller encrypted and I not view condition of this case in HDL file. 


Thanks for any help! 

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Why are you using not the High Performance Controller II? And why do you have enabled User Auto-Refresh controls?

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HPCI uses, because only HPCI has native interface (we have arbiter for our system with this interface). 

User Auto-Refresh controls uses for delay Auto-Refresh cycle and increase peak performance.