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asmi_parallel mixed simulation

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Trying to simulate the asmi_parallel IP in Modelsim. My code is VHDL, IP is Verilog. First attempt resulted in "Unresolved defparam reference to .." error occurring 13 times. Added altera_mf_ver and lpm_ver libraries to VSIM command line generated by Quartus Prime 16.0. This eliminated 12 of the errors. Two related errors remain: "Unresolved defparam reference to 'sd4' in sd4.enable_sim" and sd4.lpm_type. I am unable to find missing library if that is problem. Appears to be related to cyclonev_asmiblock. Any insight to solution greatly appreciated.

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Hi Paul, 


I face a similar problem when I try to simulate a code where I just read the memory capacity ID of the EPCQ128 using Altera ASMI parallel IP core.  

I get 1 error:  

Unresolved defparam reference to 'sd4' in sd4.enable_sim. 


Did you solve your problem? If yes, please specify what changes you made. It'll be really helpful for me. 

And I'm not using mixed simulation. Everything is in Verilog.