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clocked video input => clocked video output

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Hi all, 


in the last few days I tried to set up a small environment for easy input/output HD/SDI video signals using the altera video IP suite. And actually I have some troubles where I really need help... 


1) clocked input video status registers:  

My input is a HD/SDI signal 1080i/50 from the gennum receiver Chip GS2970. When I read out the Status Register from the clocked video input via Console I got the following answer: 


0x00000000 - Address 0 - Control  

0x000005d8 - Address 1 - Status  

0x00000000 - Address 2 - Interrupt  

0x00000000 - Address 3 - Used Words 

0x00000780 - Address 4 - Active Sample Count (1920) 

0x0000021c - Address 5 - F0 Active Line Count (540) 

0x0000021c - Address 6 - F1 Active Line Count (540) 

0x00000a50 - Address 7 - Total Sample Count (2640) 

0x00000232 - Address 8 - F0 Total Line Count (562) 

0x00000233 - Address 9 - F1 Total Line Count (563) 

0x00000000 - Address 10 - Standard 

0x00000000 - Address 11 - SOF Sample 

0x00000000 - Address 12 - SOF line 

0x00000000 - Address 13 - Refclk 


All Values from address 4 - address 9 seem to be ok. Bit 10 of the status indicates a valid resolution and bit 8 indicates that the video stream is stable.. But I am wondering why the status register is not set to 5F8? in other words, bit 4 (F0LineCount register) is not valid even though address 5 and address 8 seem to be correct? Do anyone have a hint how to solve this problem?  


2) clocked video input ===> clocked video output. Do I need any frame buffer between the two IP's?  


3) Actually I can not communicate correctly with the clocked video output via console. When the Go bit is set to '0' I read all registers set to '0' and when I write to a register, the value is not set by reading it afterwards. What could be the problem for that? 


Thank you for helping me out.
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Hi all, 


just for all with the same troubles: problem 3) solved: 


Note to table 10-8 in clocked video ouptut megacore function: "all of the moden registers are write only", there fore assigned values cannot be read back.
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Did You get answers to Your 1). and 2). questions?

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