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control packets issue in dsp builder

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I am working on video and image processing project. 

I am using quartus II v6.0 and dsp builder. 

I have used deinterlacer, chroma resampler, color space converter and scaler megacore function between two avalon streaming interfaces as it is shown in the figure.  


I want to process video data packets only, so I have to import a custom logic block(vhdl or verilog file) in between deinterlacer and chroma resampler, but the problem is I donot know before the video packets either the control packets are coming or not.  

How Custom logic block(vhdl or verilog file) can differentiate between video and control packets??????  

I donot know how to handle this issue of control packets!!!!!!!! 


If you have any idea please let me know. 

Thank You
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AoA Rizwan sb  


I am Rafi from Lahore Pakistan. I can not any help for you. Because i am a biggner in FPGA.  


If you can my help? please tell me about Quartus II, SOPC Builder and Nios II Eclipse Plateform. 


When i press the button "submit reply" then occure error message 

"please remove e-mail addresses from your message, then you will be able to submit your post.


my email address is "srafi56 at the rate of yahoo dot com" 


Thank you