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develop device driver for HAL

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I have a problem looking for help. 

I planned to develop device driver for my custom IP core. 

Altera supply some drivers for generic device,such as UART,JTAG UART .These drivers usually contain *_regs.h,*.h and *.c. 

when i create a BSP project by niosII SBT for Eclipse,if my hardware file (*.sopcinfo) contain UARTcomponent,the driver for UARTcan be copied to  

my BSP project directory automaticlly,then my BSP driver folder contain  

altera_avalon_uart_regs.h,altera_avalon_uart.h and altera_avalon_uart.c. 


the problem is as follows: 

after my custom IP core driver has been developed,when i create a BSP project by niosII SBT for Eclipse,the driver files (*_regs.h,*.h and *.c)cannnot be copied into the BSP driver folder as the UART files(altera_avalon_uart_regs.h,altera_avalon_uart.h and altera_avalon_uart.c). 


thanks for help!
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You need to put a list of your source files in a tcl file with your component. Have a look at this document (http://www.altera.com/literature/hb/nios2/n2sw_nii52005.pdf).