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frame buffer problem

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I am now using frame buffer to buffer data from test pattern to CVO.and i am sure it works well when the test pattern data directly input to CVO,but with frame buffer no data output. when I simulated the system, i found the problem.the writer thread of frame buffer works,but the read thread doesn't .so i added the run time controll for the reader thread ,but still there isn't data output.can anybody tell me what maybe the problems?under what conditions will the read thread work?thanks a lot! 


the frame buffer configuration as below: 

maxim image width 1280 

maxim image height 1024 

bits per color plane 8bits 

color planes in sequence 2 

color planes in parallel 1 

runtime control for the reader thread
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I would try to test the memory that is connected to the frame buffer. 

Maybe connect the memory to the Nios and see if the Nios can write and read from the memory?
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I am doing the image processing on De2. I using trdb-d5m camera. I have the problem of displaying the center point of the bounding box. I am using the SRAM memory as the frame buffer to save the previous pixel data and display the center point with white color. I am using verilog to do so. However, the center point fail to be displayed. 


Any suggestion on this? Or do you have any reference for this? 


Thanks you.
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Hi Suhlee, 

Could you please illustrate as to how you try to manipulate the pixel value of the center point of the frame? I am working on the same board and maybe could help/suggest or work together...