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information about sopc_builder command line


I use SOPC builder (in GUI mode) to describe my architecture and I would like to know what I could do using the sopc_builder command line in the "Nios II command shell" window. 


The help for this command line is given below: 


bash-3.1$ sopc_builder -h Usage: sopc_builder <system-name> Run SOPC Builder(tm) for specified system. OPTION DESCRIPTION --generate Equivalent to pressing 'Generate' button --generate=<switches> Generate with additional command-line switches --debug_log=<filename> Send debugging output to <filename> --no_splash Suppress splash-screen display --refresh Refresh all system module settings using component class.ptf UI scripts --update_classes_and_exit Update ~/.sopc_builder/install.ptf with component class.ptf file locations and exit --script=<filename> Run specified script-file --cmd=<commands> Run semicolon-delimited commands MODE -h, --help Display this usage information -v, --version Display version information -s Silent mode; don't display command-line -o Display command-line without executing -b Backend mode; run generator directly (no Java) (custom -I<dir> flags accepted in backend mode) I would like to learn more about the " --script" option. What kind of command can we use in this script file? 

I couldn't find any litterature about that.
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It's not documented for a reason. I believe it is no longer supported in Qsys so I don't think you want to go down this road. If you are familiar with C2H this scripting API was used by it to drop down the accelerator and automatically connect it into your system.